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You can order directly through this website in the shop section.
  1. Order your product under the “SHOP” link on our website. You can choose between a necklace, wooden heirloom, wooden ornament, or an art print.

  2. When placing your order, upload your photo and if it applies to your order, also choose wording, wreath, & watercolor wash.

  3. If you don’t upload your photo at the time, upload it on the “UPLOAD” link on our site within 6 months from your order date.

  4. After you submit your photo and receive confirmation, you will wait 2-4 weeks for a proof.

  5. Once you receive that proof, please either approve it or you are allowed 1 small revision for free.

  6. After it is approved, your order will be shipping within 1-2 weeks depending on product and our order fulfillment team will keep you updated.

  7. Receive your product in the mail, LOVE it, photograph it, & share it with the world!

Dapper & Darling makes it possible to own your very own silhouette at two different price points. The ART PRINT is the custom silhouette created and professionally print and the digital version is the custom silhouette sent electronically through email in two different file formats. Please specify which at checkout, pdf or jpeg.


 Great question. A good profile photo can really make for the best possible silhouette. Use this guide to help when you're taking your photos.


Absolutely!! If you want to know if we can ship to your specific address and how much the shipping amount will be, please enter your address at checkout and it will be calculated based on address & product!


Unfortunately, no. The Keepsake necklaces cannot have engraved writing on the front OR the back. There is only room for your beautiful silhouettes to go on it.


It all depends on our season! We have two pre-orders every year. Rush season starts in October and goes until December. Slow season then goes from December until March. After that, rush season picks back up from March-June. After that, it will be slow season until we hit our Christmas preorder again in October! Turnaround times during that time are listed below with subject to change depending on our influx of orders:

Slow Season: 2-3 weeks for designing & 1-2 weeks for shipping

Rush Season: 3-4 weeks for designing & 2 weeks for shipping


We are a 48hr return policy. If you'd like to change your mind and cancel your order, you have 48hrs to do so.

If you've submitted your photo late (missed a specific holiday deadline) and are under the 48hrs, you may cancel your order. If you are passed the 48hrs, then you may not cancel your order.

There are absolutely no refunds after order has been illustrated and proofed. 

We give a great photo guide can refer to on our site under the “ORDER PROCESS” direct link. It shows what type of photos we need at the bottom to create the perfect silhouette. If you are still wondering if it is a good photo. Please email: with your photos and she can help you!

You have 6 months from your order date before your order is archived. You need to send in your photos before the 6 month mark.

Every silhouette head gets 1 free small revision (nose, hair, chin, mouth, eyelashes, etc). If you want to re-do more than just 1 small revision, please order a revision fee here & if you want to re-do your child’s entire silhouette, please order 2 of the revision fee’s here   

We only require 1 photo and only 1 photo. For mostly all circumstances, we are only able to use 1 photo to create the entire silhouette. We are unable to combine two photos together to create it.

Nope! & that is totally expected. We have a printing supplier & an engraving supplier so anything that is printed gets shipped together & anything that is engraved gets shipped together from two different places!

If you click on the product listing, you can choose the wash/wreath combo you would like, choose if you want a print or digital, and the sizing as well! After that, the product listing photo will change to each wreath/wash combo and you can see which combination you like best 🙂

The paper you will be receiving your art prints on is 120# Cotton cardstock Eggshell paper with just a touch of texture. They are packaged in sturdy envelopes and shipped via FedEx

This is because every pearl has its own consistency and waves as they are all their own unique piece and they cannot be exchanged or returned. The Wood for the Keepsake Necklaces is the same as well.

I do! If you like us on Facebook, you'll receive a discount. Also, you'll see giveaways and preorder discounts appear randomly on our Instagram. Make sure to follow us and join us during those times!


We believe that D&D exists to allow the Father to work through our work and grow His kingdom by connecting passionate hearts and inspiring individuals. If you have a business or a social media platform that's founded on these purposes and values, we'd LOVE to chat! Email us at and let's see the Lord do amazing things.


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