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Little Kid Silhouettes – More than a Shadow

Little Kid Silhouettes – More than a Shadow

You think that it’s just a shadow. Just a few dark blobs here and there.

Then your silhouette arrives.



Suddenly, you realize it’s them. It’s your little girl’s curl that never left after they were born, the one that everyone always said it looked like a little Shirley temple. Or those long lashes that were passed down from great grandpa Joe, the ones that always made him look so kind and warm and inviting. And the button nose, the one that big brother had, that everyone would “boop” and would make him laugh hysterically. Oh that laugh. She’ll have it too.

Those little detailed carved out of the shadows are not just illustrations. They are what makes them… them. And it’s my job, our job, to make sure you have a place where you can go back and remember those details forever. Because mama, time is a thief and tomorrow they’ll be just a little bit older.

It’s more that a memory. It’s more than hundreds of details captured. It’s actually your little one. Your perfect little one. That you prayed for. Cared more. Wanted.

With our D&D Original Watercolor Silhouette Portrait™, you will receive a charming watercolor-inspired silhouette illustration of your child, loved one, or pet, in the colors and style of your choice. This single silhouette is perfect for a nursery or any other room in your home. Be sure to select your desired wash or wreath from the drop-down menu and if you wish to have an art print made.

When you order a silhouette illustration, you have 6 months to upload the perfect photo. If you don’t have the perfect side profile, we can try our best and our illustrators can work their magic and pull the silhouette out of photo.

If you have a retired wash or wreath from a previous order that you’d like to match with this silhouette portrait, just let us know in the order notes and we’ll do our best to match it.

It’s our job as your silhouette artist to create a keepsake that reminds you of the best part of motherhood. The parts that make you yearn for time to standstill. 

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