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Kailey Santos

owner & creative director
IMG_5023 Job Title:
encourager, grace giver/receiver, fearless leader, silhouette portraitess,  proud wife & mama What do you love most about your position: 
I’m blessed with the opportunity to have many aspects of my job that I love. I enjoy waking up every day and seeing my team and watching them grow not only as hard working individuals but also as incredible women after God’s ♥︎. I get the pleasure of meeting and creating for such impassioned customers, just thrilled to see their children, pets, loved ones faces forever captured so artistically, and truly I enjoy sharing my faith and show how powerful, mighty and intentional our God is as He works us all through His vision and plans in D&D. #faithinbusiness What’s on your desk? 
my iPhone because i’m a serious iPhone addict, a bowl of yesterdays Wheaties (that I like to nibble one for energy bursts), my passion planner, a desk name tag that says “my favorite people call me mom”, my notebooks for collaborator notes as well as supplier relations and a purple notepad which lots of random thoughts. Favorite quote or Bible verse: 
Romans 8:28
28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose
What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching? 
I have a terrrrrible sweet tooth. Anything sweet. Mmm reese sticks. Secret Talent:
I can name the title of any Office episode just by a line from the episode itself.
“guys, the afganistanas” – Jim, The Office Episode: Fun Run
(I literally just typed that in and looked it up just to double check. I was right >.<)
Favorite watercolor wash:
Oh gosh, this is so hard. Each one I paint is like my baby!
But I’d have to say, golden sand because it’s vibrant but not too harsh of a color that it doesn’t go in any room of the house.
Job Title: 
Marketing Connections Hero What do you love most about your position? 
Freedom to be creative and connect with other moms who are also living in this very unique space of raising little humans. What’s on your desk?
My planner that I live by, my phone, company and some tiny little plants. Minimal things in my workspace keep my head clear! Favorite quote or bible verse:
“You are the catalyst to your own happiness.” This is a powerful one for me because not everything has gone right or will go right and you have to find the happiness and joy from within yourself. What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching?
Red doritos dipped in onion dip… while watching Bravo. Secret talent:
Finding the perfect gift 🙂 Favorite Watercolor Wash:

Caitlin Marinaro

Marketing & Connections Hero

Suzanne Glover

order compliance & fulfillment
glover_family-0059_1024 Job Title: 
Catcher of orders, the gap closer, mamax3, southern belle What do you love most about your position?
I love being in touch with our wonderful customers at every step of the order process. It’s so heart-warming to see the precious photos and the stories behind them – a true reminder that this is such a personal, treasured product. What’s on your desk?
My desk is usually my MacBook on my lap – one of the only times a day I get to put my feet up. I’m usually running around after my three young children!  But when I’m working, I’m definitely surrounded by baby monitors, vanilla iced coffee, crisp apples, and unsweetened iced tea (I’m trying to be good!) Favorite quote or bible verse:
O love that will not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
that in your ocean depths its flow
may richer, fuller be.
What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching?
I would eat nachos 24-7 if my family would let me! Secret talent:
My secret talent is that I used to be a legislative nerd! In what feels like a previous lifetime right after graduation, I packed my 2 suits and moved to D.C. where I gave tours of the U.S. Capitol, responded to constituents, and advised a U.S. Congressman on policy areas including International Relations and Education. My mom used to watch for me on C-SPAN and was sad when I switched careers!  A more embarrassing secret talent is my obsession with jigsaw puzzles – so calming, even if my family makes fun of me! Favorite Watercolor Wash:
I love the Plumbery with the Solstice wreath that I had done for my girls. But now I’m obsessed with the look of the simple Twilight with the Dream Greens wreath.

Ashlee Binderim

silhouette illustration artist
28616974_2283247015034421_5155233796509766006_o_1024-1 Job Title:
Graphic Designer, Wife, Dog Mama, and Ice Cream Connoisseur What do you love most about your position? 
I love seeing these silhouettes that I put so much love into hanging in your home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. What’s on your desk? 
Computer, iced coffee, my plant, watercolor galaxy I’ve been working on, pens, paintbrushes, and the occasional mug of ice cream! (Why a mug, you might ask? Because you have a handle to hold onto instead of freezing your fingers off! I hardly ever use bowls.) Favorite quote or bible verse: 
1 Corinthians 13:4-13 is my life verse. Always speak, act, walk, talk in love.
What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching?
Cookie dough, or ice cream, or both!
Secret talent: 
I’m a budgeting queen. Seriously, I love talking about money and how to budget to reach your goals. It’s so fun! Also, I can say my ABC’s backward. Favorite Watercolor Wash: 
I love love love seafoam because it’s light and airy and beachy. But, I also love Plumberry because it’s the complete opposite. Dark, moody, and makes a statement. Job Title:
Follower of Christ, Wife, Mama to two little loves and designer (in that order 🙂 What do you love most about your position: 
I love getting to intentionally create purposeful illustrations of our sweet customers. I love that I get to be such a meaningful part of families efforts to pursue intention with the gifts they’ve been given in the form of people and pets while all the while staying behind the scenes. Getting to reveal the special personality of each little love that is already present in the form of bouncy curls and button noses all the while praying they would be seen, loved and wildly pursued by their one True Creator has gifted me a privilege beyond what I could have known asked for on my own. What’s on your desk? 
Strung out paper, multiple days old coffee mugs, photos of my sweet gifts I’ve been entrusted and all the scripture currently carrying me through my current season. It’s a wreck but I love it! Favorite quote or Bible verse: 
It is constantly changing for my specific need in my season but right now I am clinging to my son’s life verses. Isaiah 61:1-3. What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching?
Cheesecake. Lots and LOTS of cheesecake. and I’d eat if they were watching too. #noshameinmygame Secret Talent: 
I am an incredibly skilled educated guess-er. Favorite watercolor wash: 
I can’t choose! I LOVE the velvety-ness of plumberry and the smoke-y tone of Hanna Blue!!

Katie Wagner

silhouette Illustration artist

Our Beloved Partners


Stacey Brantley

Paradise Laser Co.
Learn more about Stacey and her incredible engraving business

See her stunning custom work at Paradise Laser co.

be a social butterfly and follow her at:
instagram.com/paradiselaserco Tell us about Paradise Laser Co!
Paradise Laser Co is a culmination of many years of making, creating and learning. I absolutely love the precision and detail of a finely crafted piece of art, and the laser makes that tangible for me. I’ve created everything from Jewelry, Home Decor, Leather Goods to fun things like intricate Paper Snowflakes and Wooden Puzzles! I’m so honoured to be D&D’s engraver. Those silhouettes are precious and I pour my love into each and every one of them! What do you love most about working with D&D:
I love to see the unique features that make up each sweet face. The little curls, noses and chins. It’s amazing how much personality can be captured!  What’s on your desk?
I have three! Haha. One is my computer desk. I usually keep that one pretty neat with just my iMac, printer, shipping label printer and my planner. Then I have my laser desk, which has my laser and the laptop that runs it. The third one is my assembly desk where everything gets put together. Right now I’m working on jewelry, so there are findings, chains and pliers strewn about. You’re also guaranteed to find a cup of coffee on whichever desk I was last using. (Almost never hot… thanks kiddos) Favorite quote or Bible verse:
one of my favorites is Hebrews 13:2. Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have entertained angels. Hospitality is a huge part of my life and personality. My degree is in hospitality management, and I always try to take care of those around me. I love to have guests and treat them as treasured family members. Come on over, I’ll put the kettle on! (That’s the British side of me. Cups of tea for everyone!) What would you eat a ton of if no one was watching?
I don’t see treat food as something to hide, and I’d be happy to share. Right now my fave snack is Carrot Hummus with cucumber slices. Yum! Secret Talent:
Knowing all the words to every Disney song.  Favorite watercolor wash:
Oh my goodness. I think this totally depends on the silhouette, and where it will be displayed! If I had to pick one, I’d probably choose Greige because it looks great with every wreath and frame colour. For something brighter, Seafoam reminds me of paradise The Story Love Notes
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