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Silhouette Illustrations

  • Family Illustration Portrait of 3 children.Family holding family portrait illustration of 6 family members

Keepsake Jewelry

Discover our radiant Keepsake Jewelry collection, where artistry meets craftsmanship from Athens, Greece, and the Sunshine State of Florida. Each piece is meticulously hand-engraved, showcasing intricate details that make every silhouette a timeless and personalized treasure.

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Precious Charms

Starting at $89

Mother of Pearl Precious Charms

Starting at $43

Mama Heart Charms

Starting at $49

Forever Charms

Starting at $249

Dotted Chains

Starting at $59

Simple Chains

Starting at $59

Silhouette Heirlooms

Timeless beauty of our Wood Heirlooms collection, where skilled artisans in the Sunshine State of Florida create masterpieces with exquisite engraved artistry. From the mesmerizing grains and stunning stains of the woods to the intricate hand-engraved details, each piece is a true testament to craftsmanship and elegance.

Single Silhouette
Family Silhouettes

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