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Sentiment Charms


Tips for a great profile photograph: 
  • Is the photo showing the nose, lips, and neckline?
  • Is the photo eye-level with the person in the photograph?
  • How does the hair look? Does it represent the personality of the person in the photo? (photos of girls tend to look a little more personal when hair is up)
Need more help? Use this great guide! You are also welcome to upload your photos at a later date or more convenient time.


Sentiment Charms

A beautiful addition to your Keepsake Necklace or bangle, a sweet butterfly to represent your beloved angel babies and a precious little heart to represent your love for them. Made of silver, gold and rose gold to match your precious necklace or bangle, they add that special little touch to make the pieces even more personal. 

If you ever have any questions at all or are looking for something a little more custom, please email us