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Wood Heirloom Keepsakes

The perfect precious silhouette keepsake to adorn your home or Christmas tree.

Each Wood Heirloom is created by hand in Walnut, stained in a white wash and adorned with a custom stained Walnut frame.
 wall hang comes with ready to hang tooth hook or a soft velvet cream ribbon.
*photos show wood lighter than it appears in person.

You can choose between a:
4×4 Round hanging ornament
4×3.5 vintage hanging ornament
12×12 Round wall hanging plaque

You may also choose to have the backside engraved.

Please note, if you are adding multiple silhouettes on the ornaments, that the smaller the silhouette the more likely it is that some details may be lost in the engraving. Due to the of the nature of the wood & grain design, every piece is truly one of a kind. Please keep in mind that the placement of the grain is not in our control and will be different than what it shown in photos.

Tips for a great profile photograph: 
  • Is the photo showing the nose, lips, and neckline?
  • Is the photo eye-level with the person in the photograph?
  • How does the hair look? Does it represent the personality of the person in the photo? (photos of girls tend to look a little more personal when hair is up)
Need more help? Use this great guide! You are also welcome to upload your photos at a later date or more convenient time.


Tell me about the illustration and engraving work.
The work that comes out of D&D is the finest silhouette work. The tiniest of details are hand illustrated using pen and digital paper to captured and enhance characteristic from the lips, noses, and hairstyles as well as eyebrows and jawlines, all of which help define a persons’ personality and make it look more like them. We take the traditional silhouette illustration and with the talented hands of our collaboration partner, Paradise Laser Co., engrave the details in a perfect circle of natural materials. The wood material is then lightly sanded and sealed in its preservation of years of enjoyment and appreciation. Due to the nature of materials used to create your Keepsake, variations may occur in coloring, wood grain and finish. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like you, darling.  

If you ever have any questions at all, please email us!