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Wooden Ornament Pair with Art Print

These beautiful handcrafted ornaments are made from wood and feature a single darling silhouette of your loved one. They’re perfect for hanging up year-round, or as part of your holiday decor.

This bundle includes FOUR (4) products:

2 Handmade Wooden Ornament | 1 New illustration! | 1 8×10″ art print in classic black

Was $203 — Now Only $179! 

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Wooden Ornament Pair with Art Print$179.00
Silhouette 1
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Want more silhouettes of your loved ones?

Bundle additional new silhouette illustrations, and take advantage of $5 off each silhouette.

What the D&D Family is Saying...

"These are perfect!!! I have D&D charms from just a couple years ago, and can’t believe how much my kids have grown . I double-checked the order details and can confirm the charm orientation/size/finish are all correct. Can’t wait to see these new ones, I know I’ll just love them."


It’s absolutely perfect! I knew it looked pretty before but it’s just so cool to see my daughter in this little silhouette! I love it! Everything is correct about the size and finish!


I love it!!! This captures my little girl so well! And I will cherish this for many years to come. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see it engraved on my necklace!


As soon as I opened this I cried, it is absolutely PERFECT, I am giving all the thumbs up in the world. Thank you so much, I appreciate you guys and I know that she will more than love this. It has been so hard on her since he passed (April 30th this year) and I am hoping that this will bring her some comfort.


When I opened the pdf I immediately got emotional.. happy tears! Thank you so very much for creating this gorgeous keepsake of my little girl that I will treasure for life. I absolutely approve!


Oh my goodness, this is just precious! Thank you so much for creating such beautiful keepsakes. Nicolas turned out just perfect of course! I can’t wait for the finished products.


Wow! I am in awe and have tears in my eyes! These are more perfect than I could have imagined. You have my big thumbs up to send these to the engraver and the printer. The time lapse videos are such a sweet surprise, too!


I am in tears--these are so beautiful. You did amazing. The details are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! I have printed them out and checked spelling and like I said, tearful, because these are amazing!!!!


Thank you so much for the quick turnaround! I’ve been obsessed with the work of the D&D artists for over a year and finally convinced my husband we NEEDED a piece in our home! Thank you for making this dream come true and capturing this classic look of our kids right where they are…and as they are


These are absolutely amazing! So sentimental–thank you SO much! I do not think there is anything I would change. They definitely have the craziest curls and you did such an amazing job capturing every little thing, Liliana’s lips are one of my favorites!


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