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The Heart of Dapper & Darling

D&D is a God founded business that attempts to freeze time. With a team of six, we illustrate and create silhouette keepsakes that are meant to capture every little detail of that person in that moment. We are the original creators of the highly detailed silhouette and remind ourselves daily that God carefully created every one of His children and it’s an honor to commemorate those details in our silhouettes.

It’s not very often you see businesses rely on God. In fact, the world discourages this because it’s not financially measurable. How do you measure the return on God’s presence? You can’t. But that’s what the world wants. Results. Sales. Proof that you are a success.

But when you have a business based on the foundation of God’s teaching, His love, and His grace, it no longer becomes about results, but about reaching a far greater purpose, His purpose and that is something we try to do at D&D every day.

Our Purpose Verse: John 5:15
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
Everything we create here comes from God’s branches and we’ll remain in Him to produce the fruits of his spirit bringing his grace, joy and love to everyone who comes to D&D.


Hello & Welcome! My name is Kailey; wife, girlmama and proud owner of Dapper and Darling. I’m an avid lover of classic looks and sentimental design and reside in sunny Southern California.

My design journey began back in 2008 when I graduated from Northern Arizona University for visual communication and design aesthetic and began my professional journey through the design world. I understood composition, the why behind why certain text and images look fabulous together, and embraced color as a blessing. After graduating I took a job on the island of Hawai’i working with a passion-driven ministry as their lead designer. As I designed for them, I learned how to manage a business and handle the influx of the never-ending need for creative thought and solutions. In 2010, after my now husband Aaron proposed, I launched KM Paperie aka Dapper & Darling®.


the lessons of motherhood are varied and beautiful.

Who We Are

“when you look up biggest supporter, you see my husband Aaron’s handsome face.”

I decided it was time to expand and create designs for all people including families taking the silhouette design done with KMP and making them lux, gorgeous and absolutely gloriously detailed. This new vision was inspired by my always loving, husband Aaron and our journey in starting a family.  Aaron is my high school sweetheart and my best friend and a devoted and committed father to our little rainbow, Hanalei. The perfect inspirations for Dapper and Darling®.

Aside from my absolute love of design and my adoring husband, and our beautiful rainbow baby, I enjoy being a nerdy, creative spirit. I spend time near the ocean whenever I can. I geek out to things like The Office, Harry Potter, and Apple products. I have a strange obsession with old movies and old time radio shows. I’m a gloriously outspoken romantic and can find beauty & joy in anything. One very important aspect of my life and this business that makes me whole is my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He allows me to be and do more than I could ever do alone. He created in me the ability to create beauty, and I take so much pride in being able to share that gift with so many people. I can’t wait to create a detailed keepsake for you!

Hear a bit more of my story in my interview with Jennifer Blossom at Blossoming Mommy & Baby.

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