old- wreath & watercolor gallery

What happens here is pretty special. Each season, new colors are hand painted, blended, textured, and saturated to create the most beautiful one-of-a-kind washes for your keepsakes. also, you’ll see a beautiful array of wreaths to adorn your silhouettes!
​You will not find these colors or wreaths anywhere else on the internet as they are not digitally purchased.

If you’d ever like a custom color for your home, please let us know!


You can now test each combo on the product pages.
Check it out on with our Watercolor Silhouette Single Portrait or Watercolor Silhouette Family Portrait.

Watercolor Washes

From left to right: Olive, Dream Greens, Eden, Poppy, Winter Solstice, Rose Bud, Fairyland (Oval), Darling Sage (Oval), Evergreen, Bliss

Watercolor Washes

(please note that these colors are hand painted washes and do to the brush characteristics, each silhouette will be slightly different. It’s art; no silhouette is the same.)

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