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Bangle Delight!

So no joke I’ve been trying to get this post up for the past hour. But storm Hanalei struck and Gwen suddenly came down with gas-o-palosa and so you know how the rest goes. #mamahood. In anycase! Got a break in the action and I’m typing very very quickly, haha. •

Next Monday these pretty little things finally release to the public! Our Keepsake Bangles are such a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece especially with our mother of pearl silhouette charms. Scroll right to see the darling little details. ✨ On Friday I’ll be announcing the limited 24hrs promotion that’ll go with your order on Monday. It’ll only last 24hrs or until we sell out so be ready to place your order come 9amPST. ♥︎ ALSO we WERE able to get ROSE GOLD AND GOLD restocked for Monday BUT those will be the first to go, so please keep that in mind. •

If you have any questions, comments, yay excitement, let me know! Comment here or email into You can DM it just may take a little longer for a response. But I’m working through them! // tell me. Of ALL the Keepsakes Jewelry pieces we have, which calls to you the most? I was for a long time very partial to my Tiny Charms Keepsake Necklace (seriously the tiny charms are so stinking cute! But! With the bangles now having the tiny charms on them I MAY be totally in love with them moreso. ✨) How about you?

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