Precious Charms
Timeless and elegant, a necklace with your little ones’ darling silhouette engraved in precious metals. Illustrated by our artists and then crafted by a 4th generation family business in Athens Greece, these pieces are truly magnificent and special.
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The Keepchains come in wood or vegan leathers with brown, copper, or grey coloring and fine-bordered stitching to delicately frame silhouettes of little ones or pets. Have up to 6 silhouettes engraved on a Keepchain.
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As you adorn your neck with the beautiful sentimental delight of our Precious Charms, Mama Heart charms or Mother of Pearl Charms, enjoy a charming and sophisticated precious metal piece for your ears.
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Silhouette Prints
Highlighting the tiniest and most darling of details, our silhouette illustrators, capture the essence of your child in their silhouettes. Decorate your family home with our precious watercolor and wreath prints.
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Young boy silhouette

Step 01.


Order Your Silhouette Illustration

Start by ordering your downloadable silhouette portrait. Our graphic illustrators capture the essence of your child in the tiniest and most darling details
girl silhouette

Step 02.


Order Your Keepsake

Now that you have your illustration, you can now use it on any Keepsake item. Our jewelry is crafted by a 4th generation family business in Athens, Greece.

young girl silhouette

Step 03.


Upload your Photo

Upload your perfect photo at your earliest convenience. If you’re not sure how to capture your child’s finest details, click here for our guide.

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Before and After of a photo to a illustration

How To Take a Perfect Photo

How to take a perfect photo

Returning Customer? Have your order number to order more keepsakes with previously uploaded silhouettes


god founded business

Dapper and darling is a God founded business that attempts to freeze time.

With a team of six, we illustrate and create silhouette keepsakes that are meant to capture every little detail of that person in that moment. We are the original creators of the highly detailed silhouette and remind ourselves daily that God carefully created every one of His children and it’s an honor to commemorate those details in our silhouettes.

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Prefer text alerts for restocks & promotions?
to (855)423-4473!

How It All Began

In 2010, Dapper & Darling was founded by Kailey Santos as KM Paperie. Over time, Kailey decided it was time to expand and create designs for all people including families taking the silhouette design done with KMP and making them lux, gorgeous, and absolutely gloriously detailed. This new vision was inspired by Kailey’s always-loving husband, Aaron, and their journey in starting a family.


We believe that D&D exists to allow the Father to work through our work and grow His kingdom by connecting passionate hearts and inspiring individuals.


It’s not very often you see businesses rely on God. In fact, the world discourages this because it’s not financially measurable. How do you measure the return on God’s presence? You can’t. But that’s what the world wants. Results. Sales. Proof that you are a success. But when you have a business based on the foundation of God’s teaching, His love, and His grace, it no longer becomes about results, but about reaching a far greater purpose, His purpose and that is something we try to do at D&D every day.


Our Purpose Verse: John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.


Everything we create here comes from God’s branches and we’ll remain in Him to produce the fruits of his spirit bringing his grace, joy and love to everyone who comes to D&D.

Kailey Santos owner of Dapper and Darling with her family

I am the vine; you are the branches.

John 15:5

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