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“There’s Still Time”

“There’s Still Time”

the door is ajar so avoiding a creek will be easy. You peer into the room lit up with cool blue from the nightlight. Glancing around the room you see books askew, the dollhouse left in mid play. The Hatch is playing a therapeutic almost ethereal river-brook melody.

As you creep deeper into the room you turn and see the wooden silhouette above her wall. How big she’s gotten. How grown up she now is. For a second it pains you. A perfect frozen moment that you can never get back. Beginning to lose yourself in memories long gone, you’re startled back to the present by a deep long sigh. You look down towards the culprit. Black hair all tousled and tangled. One leg in another leg out. Long legs too. Not chunky and knobby like they once were. Her eyes still deep in dreamland.

“There still time” you say quickly in your head. And crawl into her bed, cradling her, as she tenses and then collapses back into your arms…”

// silhouette wood heirlooms available in the shop.

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